Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Digital Archaeology

Errrr... it's been a while since I posted...you might say! About 5 years. Having finally recovered my old blog url and password from blogger, perhaps I'll resuscitate the Blazek family blog, and truly make it a family project. I am always searching for a good writing (as in, composition) project for Paul, so perhaps this will work. Back in my day, we had pretty, cloth-covered blank books, which we scribbled in industriously and hid in drawers in bedside tables. But this is the 21st century, so blogging seems to be the way to go.

Much has happened in the intervening 5 years...Paul (age 7) and Caleb (age 5) are now joined by 3 more brothers: Josiah (age 4), Xavier (age 2), and Gregory (7 mos). We moved from our home in Richmond VA to Benton Harbor, MI, then to Cleveland, OH, and now back to Michigan, this time in Lake Orion, about 45 minutes northwest of Detroit. We are settling in and struggling to get everything unpacked and organized while continuing on with our homeschooling and daily tasks. Little by little...every box is a tiny victory.

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