Friday, January 02, 2015

Back at it.

Ho-hum. New Year. "Hey, it's been two and a half years since you wrote on that blog of yours, want to get it going again?" asks part of my brain.Not the part that's been up since 5:30 with the baby, playing roly-poly with the faceless Mr. Potato Head; no, the part which just got jolted to life by the first cup of coffee. That's the one that comes up with ambitious Ideas. And projects from Pinterest that I really should try, ("See how easy it looks?")

"Seems like a lot of work...I've got a lot to do....I don't know..." whines Other Part, which wonders vaguely where all the Potato Head face pieces are.

"Oh come on, they're scattered in the basement. You know they are! Just go down there and FIND THEM!" urges Coffee Brain. Coffee Brain is enthusiastic, beaming, frenetic, kind of like Richard Simmons bouncing up and down on a mini-trampoline.

Base-Level Brain knows better. "Eh... I'd have to put the baby down. She'd cry. And that would wake up the 4 and 5-yr olds. Then they'll want breakfast, and then they need clean clothes, then the others will be up..." The day will avalanche onwards, and I either have to roll with it or stand still ad get smothered in five feet of ice and snow. When will I find time to blog about big family life when I am so busy living it??

But what they heck. Why not? If I don't, who will? Oh, well.... the Duggars will. They're all over that. Everywhere we go, I hear, "What, are you trying to be the Duggars?" Errr... no. Why, we're only a little over one-third of the Duggars! And we don't get paid $40k per episode either, so there's that. Here's what we're doing: we are just loving the children we've been given. And trying not to get buried in laundry piles.

P.S.  Since the last update to this blog, we've had one more miscarriage, and one more baby, a GIRL this time, which is unfathomable and awesome. So if I refer to something pink or frilly, you'll know I'm not just cross-dressing my boys. I'll leave that for the celebrity parents.

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hawianflamingo said...

I love it! I needed a good chuckle this morning. My first thought, though, was "What's a Duggar?" I had to ask the teenager about that. Even under the piles of laundry, you are still more connected than I :)